Power-packed Performance with our Linux Plesk Server

  • SSD storage
  • WordPress Management
  • Solid Server Security
  • Nginx & Caching

Starts @ Rs.485/mo


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Why choose VPS Plesk Hosting

  • Faster and more reliable SSD storage increases your Plesk VPS Servers' efficiency and offers a tremendous performance boost. Currently, SSD storage is available only on our India Datacenters.
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    SSD storage

    Solid State Drives to boost performance

  • Integrated WordPress toolkit secures and mass-manages multiple WordPress instances, plugins and themes. Only Plesk 30 domains & Unlimited Edition includes staging and cloning functionality so you never have to code on a live site again.
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    WordPress Management

    A simplified UI for managing multiple WordPress instances

  • Use pre-configured security settings for various authentication methods, anti-spam or anti-virus protection, automatic updates and vulnerability monitors with our plesk hosting. Easily integrate with Fail2Ban, CloudFlare, LetsEncrypt or Symantec that can automatically secure Plesk, new domains, subdomains and webmail with SSL certificates.
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    Solid Server Security

    Built-in rock-solid server-to-site security and SSL

  • Improve the Apache web server performance by using Nginx, a supplementary high-performance web server which is typically used as a Reverse Proxy server and Caching.
    vps hosting server

    Nginx & Caching

    Let websites fly with NGINX caching

  • This is a great tool for users that are unfamiliar with server management tasks. Example: High CPU load or Low free disk space.
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    Automatic Server Repair

    Plesk Repair Kit

  • Customize the server environment and build your own plans. Plesk lets you seamlessly manage websites, web applications, emails, resellers, customers, etc.
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    Resell as Shared Hosting

    Web, Mail, DNS, Database ready Plesk server

  • VPS plesk hosting that allows you to build a familiar environment by choosing from various Linux distros like CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian.
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    Multiple Linux Distros

    Perfectly suited for multiple OS

  • Deploy and manage docker containers locally and remotely.
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    Docker Support

    Increase productivity and rapid deployment with Docker integration.

  • Easy deployment of your websites by either pushing it to a local or by pulling from a remote one Git repo.
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    Git integration

    Increase productivity and rapid deployment with Git integration.

  • Supports all backup functions like Incremental backups, Scheduled backups, Granular restoration and much more. The backup can reside on the plesk server or remotely on popular cloud storages like AWS S3, Google Drive or OneDrive.
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    Cloud Backup

    Support for the most popular cloud storages

Plesk VPS Server Technical Specifications


  • CentOS/Ubuntu/Debian
  • Multiple locations
  • Private Network
  • Quick VNC Access
  • rDNS support


  • Top notch network built with Tier 1 ISPs
  • SSD Storage
  • Tier IV Data Center
  • Neustar’s DDoS protection
  • Backed by Juniper Networks


  • CDN (Sitelock)

Semi-Managed Support

  • Boot, Login, Network, Hardware, Rebuild
  • Basic server optimization, patching & hardening
  • Basic setup of Applications & Firewall

Confused Between Plesk & cPanel?

Plesk Logo cPanel Logo
SSL for All (Let's Encrypt)
Customer Management
Compatibility with multiple Linux flavours
Role-based Access Control for panel
Reverse Proxy & Caching (through Nginx)
Wordpress Toolkit for bulk management, updates, plugins, themes, deployment
Wordpress Toolkit for cloning, staging, sync data Only included with Plesk 30 domains & Unlimited Edition
Repair Kit (for easy and quick fixes)
Remote Cloud Backup
Simplified Docker & Git Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plesk?
Plesk is a Windows and Linux compatible web hosting control panel that allows you to easily manage the different aspects of your hosting account such as - files, applications, customer accounts as well as email accounts on the server. It provides users with a simple and convenient GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables one to start their hosting business quickly and maintain it without many efforts. Our Plesk VPS hosting offers Plesk installation on Linux distros only.
Do I need to install Plesk?
You don’t need to install Plesk as it comes pre-installed with the choice of your Linux distro. All you need to do is select the operating system that you need and the Plesk version that you require before deploying it.
How to use Plesk?

You can use Plesk to

  • Create your website
  • Create a database
  • Create a mail account
  • Add a custom DNS record
  • Take a backup of your website

In addition to this, you can also manage your user account and web hosting, upload content, manage web applications and add domain aliases.

What are the different Plesk licences?

Plesk offers different licenses in the form of -

  • Create your website
  • Plesk 10, for web admins that manage sites of businesses and/or entrepreneurs. Provides you with 10 domains
  • Plesk 30, for web professionals who manage, design and deploy their websites. Provides you with 30 domains
  • Plesk Unlimited, for traditional web hosters who allow customers to use their shared account. Provides you with unlimited domains
How secure is the Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel?

Plesk comes with a lot of pre-installed and available features for security. A version of Plesk has enhanced security as well as pre-installed advisor extension. For added security, we would suggest the following

  • Set up the password with minimum strength
  • Use Google Authenticator extension available inside Plesk
  • Secure Plesk web hosting control panel via SSL/TLS certificates
  • Use secure FTP connects over FTP connections
  • Use the security check feature in the WordPress toolkit for WordPress installations
  • Don’t use out-dated applications
  • Use Fail2Ban for safety against hack attempts
  • Non-standard port for SSH
What is the SEO toolkit inside Plesk?

The SEO toolkit inside Plesk provides you with the following:

  • Search engine with the most rankings for your domain
  • Keywords you rank for
  • Overall number of rankings
  • Overall visibility of your site

Plesk also has SEO Advisor tool which will provide you with a to-do list, to help you rank better on SERP. It will give you a list of items to optimize your website as per the latest SEO standards including header tags, duplicated content, etc.
The base toolkit has a limitation on the number of keywords, but upper tiers can be purchased

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting?
VPS Hosting facilitates total isolation. This implies regardless of what different clients may do on the server, your VPS bundle will remain unaffected. The root access allows you to install any applications that you want. VPS additionally gives you ensured assets, so regardless, the CPU, RAM, HDD and Bandwidth assigned to you, ResellerClub’s VPS bundle will dependably be accessible for your applications. It gives all of you the highlights and elements of a Dedicated server, without the extra expense.
What is KVM VPS Server Technology?
KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a virtual private server which sits over a physical Dedicated server. Assets that are committed to the KVM VPS and are not imparted to different clients on any devices so as to provide huge dependability and execution prowess.
Can I get additional dedicated IPs on the VPS server?
Absolutely! You can avail additional IPs on the VPS server, contact your Account Manager or our Support to get one
What type of support do you offer?
ResellerClub offers 24x7 support via toll-free call in support, feel free to get in touch with us for any product support or information.
Do the Virtual Private Servers have a backup policy?
You are in charge of your website’s backups and web content. To be on the safe side, we suggest you keep duplicates of your content safe and make your own reinforcements and backups. You can get your backup from cPanel or utilize a remote reinforcement/backup solution. We also offer CodeGuard to keep your website data back-up.
Is an upgrade or downgrade possible between the VPS Hosting plans?
Sorry, but an automatic upgrade or a downgrade is not present for VPS Hosting plans at the moment. You can contact your Account Manager or our Product Experts to get an upgrade or downgrade.